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©V Kancel
©V Kancel

This March, on the 17th I will be very lucky to be one of the invitees of the Digital Boss Babe podcast, a weekly appointment dedicated to Caribbean womeneurs with a fiery interest in the digital world.

I was contacted by Gizelle Riley, host of the podcast last January and needless to say it was a great way to start off the year.


I have been listening to podcasts since a year or so and I find they are a great way to inspire yourself and get motivated while doing things of the day to day life.

I listen to podcasts while ironing, cooking, driving (long traffic lines hello?) and especially while working out.

Listening to a podcast gives me strength, reassurance and a whole lot of focus when I feel down or when procrastination sets in.

I’m no exception and even if I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 years now, I have my days with fierceness and my days without.


With my appearance on the Digital Babe Podcast coming soon, I’ve been thinking about the 4 podcasts I listen to the most.

Here’s my selection and they are certain to cheer you up, help to achieve your goals by giving you tips and real business advices :

1. Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast


Professional. Focused. Encouraging.


Jenna is a business woman, blogger and real estate tycoon and has had her podcast for a few years now having interviewed more than 200 women in all kinds of industries and businesses.

253 episodes so far and counting!


You can listen to it here:

2. Koereyelle’s Werk A Holic Podcast

©Koereyelle Dubose
©Koereyelle Dubose

Queen. Fiery. Orientated.


Koereyelle is a former teacher turned business mogul. I’ve been following her since 2017 and seen her range of projects evolve. She owns a consultancy/coaching company on how to get that money and knows how to motivate you to be part of her #moneygang.


She also created a holidays wear shop, a travel agency and also organize getaways for business ladies. On top of this, she has her own podcast with all episodes being so SUCCESS orientated.

The podcast features women of all horizons but with a similar goal: being the best version of themselves.


You can listen to it here:

3. Juls Salomon’s The Influencer Podcast


Marketing. Intensive. Career-focused.


Julie Salomon is a former publicist turned blogger and marketing guru.

Her lines are always motivating, and I suggest you listen to this podcast especially if you are marketing orientated.


I have listened to 9 of her podcasts so far and I plan on listening more.

The episodes giving you advices on marketing strategy and advertising are my faves.


You can listen to it here:


And last but not least..

4. Gizelle’s Riley Digital Boss Babe podcast


Tech-orientated. Caribbean vibe. Womeneur.


It isn’t just because I am due to be a guest to this podcast that I really like its format.

The Digital Babe Podcast is one of the rarest podcast based in the Caribbean for a Caribbean audience and inspired by Caribbean women entrepreneurs.


Gizelle Riley herself is a fierce Caribbean women entrepreneur having her own marketing and branding agency as well as starting a podcast since January this year.


With 11 episodes so far, this podcast is set to be one of the most influencing in the Caribbean and I can’t wait to be a part of the invitees’ family.

With themes on digital marketing, branding, advertising, management and personal growth, the Digital Boss Babe podcast is here to stay.


You can listen it here:

©V Kancel
©V Kancel

And don’t forget the dates the episode I will be privileged to record will be on the web:

APRIL 15 2019.


I’ll be happy to share the direct link to this special podcast very soon.

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What about you?
Do you have any favorite podcast? Have you ever listened to any of these?

Tell me everything in the comments and if you like the article, don’t be a rag, brag about it and share it all over!

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