2020: beauty standards are shifting for the next decade!

In the space of 6 months, 6 magnificent black women rose to the highest place in the pageant beauty industry, previously bound to ever similar beauty perception.

All women are beautiful: Black, White, Latino, Indian, Asian. That isn't the question.

But the hope this change addresses, is how society perceives a standard that has too often been associated with ugliness, stupidity or mockery.

Our kinky hair, our hourglass bodies, our skin color are today recognized to be beautiful.


What a great time to be alive!

I wish my grandmother could have seen this. I loved my grandmother so much.

She found beauty in long relaxed locks and never really liked natural kinky hair. Black hair.


I remember when I big chopped all my relaxed ends to find myself with a head full of natural roots, so healthy and shiny, she said: “You look ugly! Why did you cut all your hair? It was so long, smooth and beautiful! Now you look like a boy.”


At the time, I didn’t know how to take care of my natural hair. Hair I had never taken care of in my entire life since I had always worn my hair relaxed from the age of 4.

My big chop was 10 years ago.


Those are pictures of beauty standards in 2009.

Miss World 2009 - ©Zimbio

Miss Universe 2009 - ©CBS News

My grandmother was a black woman.

But she was a black woman with implemented values, forced standards of beauty.

What she thought was beautiful was what she was taught was beautiful.


I'm so proud and happy today to teach my children: son and daughter, that natural beauty not only comes from within but from accepting who they are at a young age.

Examples like Zozibini Tunzi, Ophely Mezino or lately Clemence Botino, our very own Guadeloupean queen now Miss France 2020, are helping all of us mothers to teach our children what standards of beauty should ALSO be.


Wearing their crowns and being the perfect representation of who our children are will set the new decade’s standards of beauty: a beauty defined by self-love, strength, confidence and intelligence.

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