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As much as I like to scroll across IG accounts when I have some time off, I regularly go back to some of my fave accounts.


In terms of inspiration, style and contents, they are the best ones to follow right now.

Travelling bloggers, style bloggers, maternity and family bloggers, I have very eclectic taste when following an account but what’s more important for me is the authenticity of the person behind the pictures.

It helps if the IG is very visual and has a nice feed to it. (I like nice feeds 😊 )


Here’s a selection of my 20 favorites IG, currently.


I’m experimenting so much with my IG right now that I may have a totally different list in a few months. Lol but I think that’s the beauty of it! Scroll, like, follow, scroll, like, etc. I never want to sleep on what I know, whom I follow for I may miss great other accounts.

I definitely want to experiment on erasing my whole list on January 1st and let the flow either bring me back to some of the accounts I like or take me away to a whole new world of other IGers.

Who knows?

French Caribbean bloggers

Global Island Girl

This girl is truly an inspiration. She's a violent attack survivor and has turned her fear into a strength by helping others through counseling.


She's now a transformational coach and impacts daily as an inspiration for many women including moi.

Shoupie Queen Vee

This woman is currently creating a whole new vibe in Guadeloupe. She’s all about queening and giving life to your inner goddess. Plus she speaks English fluently.

Severine embraced her Africanity and she’s taking us along in her journey. I love her positive messages.

Caribbean Freak Style

I love her minimalist and boheme style. Olivia is a local journalist and also has a little bébé. She’s definitely on my radar of bloggers to watch and can’t wait to see more of her.

Je cuisine créole

Now, ladies if you want to taste a piece of the French Caraibes, look no further. Leslie is one of the best culinary bloggers out there when it gets to French Creole cuisine. Her videos on Youtube are so helpful and easy to watch and do at home that in no time you’ll be cooking French Caribbean food like a local cuisinière.

Did I mention that her IG feed is to die for? (okay I’m hungry right now 😋)


Maeva is expecting her first bébé any minute now. I met her during my first Vision Board event and I really liked her style. She also has this “Goddess” and holistic approach to motherhood and her IG so so calming.


I can’t wait for her to experience life as a maman.

Travel bloggers

We love New York

I came across Viviane’s blog “we-love-new-york” when I was doing research before traveling to NYC back in February.

Informative, easy going and great visuals were really a turn-on for me. She gives so much detailed information about the town it was only so normal that she wrote a book about it.

And another one about Paris too.


Dana Berez

I discovered Dana on Pinterest. Her blog is a bible when you want to travel. Her Pinterest is so useful you’ll want to pin everything!

Her pictures are fabulous and she really takes you with her when she’s abroad.


Caribbean bloggers

The Fab Life Story

If you’re looking Caribbean lifestyle, you’ll love Glenisha’s IG. This lifestyle blogger will take you all the way to Grenada and her pictures are the epitomes of Caribbean air de vivre.



Trini born, this style blogger is also a business lady and has her own clothing line Maison Fifi in Trinidad.

I love reading about her achievements and thoughts about mothering a special needs child. Currently based in Canada, it’s a pleasure to follow her family life and new adjustments to a big city like Toronto.



Alanna Nicolex

I just love her mane. And her glasses. And her style. Eclectic, classy and trendy all at once. She’s a great Caribbean style blogger to watch and read.


Parisian bloggers

The Brunette

The French blogueuse has this laid back, Parisian chic about her. The Brunette is a perfect example. Emilie is a young maman and a long time blogger with interesting articles about lifestyle, motherhood and fashion.



You can’t do more Parisienne than intoyoucloset. Marie has 2 kids but looks as young as a uni-er.

She has this poise that most Parisian ladies have and a great sense of fashion.


Nicole Bernardes

She’s so down to earth. Nicole is the type of blogger who’s ultra famous but that stills answer her messages. She’s fun to follow, super beautiful and she’s married to a hunk. I can’t wait until these 2 have babies! 


J'aurais pu m'appeler Marcel

This tattoed mama has a great parenting blog (in French). Her IG feed will have you dreaming about motherhood. Her style is boheme chic and you won’t get enough of her beautiful pictures.


US bloggers

Krystle Desantos

My gurl Krystle is an NYC long-time style blogger and DIY queen. She’s also a business lady and an event designer. She puts so much effort in creating retro and glam looks as well as recreating original retro pin-up looks that you’ll definitely enjoy following her.

Her DIY section on her blog is helpful when it comes to do colorful pieces and costume design.


Yfserica Nicole

Business guru, Erica Nicole is editor in chief of a great online business magazine.


Her epuré style and lovely aesthetics are absolutely great to watch in your feed. Her love for scriptures will give you strength when you need it.


Millionairess Mama

Mama and financially stable. Seems impossible? Not for her! Valencia started out her financial coaching business about a year ago and has now gained recognition in the wealth coaching industry all over the US and soon on the international scene.

She’s a featured for the Huffington Post and has been nominated for a FINCON award.


The Brooklyn Blonde

La Blonde de Brooklyn. And her garçon. And her great sense of fashion. I came across Helena’s blog while scrolling IG and was amazed by her fantastic pictures and style à l’américaine.


European bloggers

Jamila's story

Jamila’s story, which is also the name of her IG, is not an easy one.

For such a young lady to have struggled with cancer, lost her daughter prematurely and endured child loss is unimaginable.

I was so happy for her when she shared that she was expecting again!

I can’t wait for her to be a mom again and continue to pray that everything goes well.


Freddie Harrel

And last but least, she's one of the UK top bloggers.

My goal for 2019 is to meet Freddie Harrel. I don’t know how, when and where but I will meet this phenomenal woman next year.

She’s an afro hair extensions creator "Big Hair No care" plus she also created a female movement about empowerment "She Unleashed" and is about to launch a podcast.

Her son "Monsieur Couscous" is so cute and her style is so personal and trendy. 


Hope you've enjoyed this selection of bloggers!
Not only enpowering each other is good for our own personal growth because it puts the effort away from our own ego but it enriches our relationship to others.

I will take a lot of pride in seeing these ladies grow even more and I appreciate so much the path they've already drafted for other bloggers like myself.


If you like the article, don't forget to share it and if you have also a few IG bloggers you'd like to share with me, please do in the comments!

I'll definitely follow! 

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    Krystle DeSantos (mardi, 20 novembre 2018 18:30)

    Thank you so much for including me in your roundup. You’re so kind and I can’t wait to check our all the other bloggers as well. You’re def one to follow!