Is there such thing as a mom gang?

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Are you a SATC fan ?

I definitely am. I’ve been a fan of the series (less of the movies I admit) since it was on TV and I religiously rewatch replays on TV whenever I have time. 

Even though it doesn’t really matter because I have the complete series on DVD.


One of my favorites is season 5, even if some fans think it’s the less interesting one in terms of action and scenario intrigue.  

On the contrary, I like it because of its slow pace, romantique vibe and very much because it’s the season where both SJP and Cynthia Nixon are pregnant at the same time in real life.

The pregnancy glow is so flagrant and for me this season is always a pleasure to watch!


Today I re-watched this episode (s05e06) when Miranda who just had her baby Little Brady struggles to get her personal and professional lives going.

As a solo mother, she has no time for herself but thanks to her dear friends Carrie & Samantha, Miranda gets to spend an afternoon at the hairdressers.

Do you remember this episode? (“neck massager” anyone?)

One thing noticeable from the episode is also how Miranda is under scrutiny when she gets down the elevator with her baby boy whereas a tribe of newly moms sit and watch her in the lobby as she makes her way with little Brady crying his lungs out.

None of them reaches to her.

At the beginning of the episode, Miranda never fully introduces herself to the other moms of the building. And as a result, they don’t speak to her.

Eventually, one particularly difficult day where baby Brady is crying incessantly, one of the mothers Kendall, makes the first step and comes to her rescue. She enrolls her into the know by bringing an “oscillating chair”. Miranda can only join the tribe or else she’s “screwed” since none of her friends has kids.


This got me wondering … (Carrie’s style)

Is there such thing as a mom tribe and is it useful to join one?

When you welcome your first child, you get propelled into a brand new world.

Nappies, pushchair, pacifiers, baby wipes, petits pots…

You need to be careful about everything you buy. Otherwise, you might turn into… a bad mom.

This feeling of having to conform with other mothers or what society expect of us can somehow put so much pressure on ourselves and completely shadow on own parenting style.


Expectant mothers, newly moms or even established mothers should never feel pressured in any way into doing things that are expected from them if they don’t want to.

I didn’t use liniment for my children nappies change even though I was advised to use it by my midwife.

Did my kids die? Nope.

For me, it was easier to use baby wipes and also less expensive. Because let’s face it with new found motherhood you have plenty of other stuff to buy than liniment.


But I appreciated that she gave me advice.

And I also found a lot of support speaking to other mothers because as a first-time mommy, it wasn’t always easy.

So, aside from dressing up in gang members for Halloween (n’est ce pas?), is it useful to get in to a maman gang?



Yass to uplift each other!

Motherhood is though.

If you’re a first-time mom, you’ll need all the help you can find to keep your sanity during those “I can’t do it” moments. When Daddy’s comforting words or shoulders are not enough you’ll find it easy to speak with other moms, share your experiences (good or bad) and get some encouragements to continue (with life?)


Sometimes as mothers because motherhood can be so personal and emotionnel, we tend to judge.

So be careful when choosing a tribe to look for good souls and peaceful hearts.


To learn how to take care of a baby

This seems so bad to say at first but I’m coming to it.

Not all mothers have that natural instinct of knowing how to take care of their bébés and that’s okay.

Knowing how to change a nappy or recognize the different types of crying or even how to place your hand to have a nice burp isn’t something we all know at birth.


Even if we’re born women, it doesn’t mean we all have rocket science in the motherhood field.

Most of us have mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, aunts or even other mom friends who can help us when we are in need.


But not everyone has this special person that can intervene to teach them about their baby.


Joining a mom gang can be a great solution to find an attentive ear and some experimented hands to teach you about your baby.

To know about good products

I am part of several Facebook groups where we pass along the latest coupons and news about nappies store discounts or where we review baby & kids products and various foods we have bought for our children.

Maternity and parenting bloggers are also a very good source for that.


We cannot be aware of everything that’s available on the market to help our lives as mothers so it’s great to be part of a community to learn about new trends, new products that others may have already used.

It can also save us money by avoiding some items that won’t work for our own parenting.


To professionally network

Don’t mind me it’s the business madame talking.

If you had a busy professional life before your children and intent to have one after they’re old enough to crawl, this section is for you.

Empathy and the sense of belonging can do wonders to seal partnerships.


We all have professional backgrounds along our mommy tag. Whether in entrepreneurship like myself or in banking, sales, beauty, medical care… what does matter is that your mom tribe can definitely become your girlboss posse once you decide to go back to that attaché case of yours.


Use it as an advantage, work on your relationships, use your gang as a networking social club, ask for partnerships and exchanges with other moms.

I have recently contacted one of my mom gang member to hire her as a speaker for my next event. So everything is possible. 


To share ideals and similar hobbies

It’s great to join a mommy gang with similar interests than yourself such as arts & crafts, business, cooking, parenting, post partum experiences, etc.

Again, it can be great to uplift each other but it can really be more than that.


By joining a group with same goals and hobbies than you, you open your perspectives of having new friends and joy.

Especially when suffering from postpartum depression or exhaustion, it’s great to be able to share stories, fights and moments about the same issue.

Going to workshops where you can meet with other moms who have the same interest than you do can encourage you to open up, make new friends and have a great time out of your usual mom zone.



Obviously, these ideas are just the icing on the cake of being in a mom gang. I’m sure there are so much more advantages to it and those will be in the comments below.

I’m counting on you to give me your pensées about this.


Have you ever join a mom gang? Would you recommend it? Have you thought about it?

Also, this is my 1st English article here! Yay!

Should I keep them coming?

Thank you for reading this first piece of mine and I hope you will be coming back very soon.


Bisous Bisous.

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